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The wine route
Photography by
Olivier Ferrer
Salvatore Sillitti
Accommodation and wine tasting
at the domain "Mousset"
Our "Provence" wine, relates to four
departments: the BOUCHES DU RHONE, the VAR, the ALPES MARITIMES and the ALPES DE HAUTE PROVENCE, northern valley of the Rhône excepted. The covered surface of vineyards extends on 65 000 hectares . The sunning of this vast area is 3000 hours per year. Rain is rare but fierce. The relief is relatively tormented. Vineyards start almost on the Mediterranean shore and spread towards the back country on a 50 kilometers depth.

The diversity of the grounds and the soils produces wines which have only few resemblances amongst them. The mild climates of the edge of the sea help making them "stronger" than those from the highland..
Provençal vineyards, although having favourably disposed grounds allowing the making of wine of quality, will struggle against heat, which if it allows an earlier vintage, it is unfavourable to the making of Rosé wine, requiring more coolness to give out its full taste.