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Villages de charme
Above 1 - Pictoresque view of Martigues, known as the Provençal Venice.

Above 2 - Typical Provençal home in Goult.

 1 - Gordes
2 - Bories
3- Aigues Mortes
1 - Martigues
2 - Goult
Left 1 - The village of Gordes is a typical provençal example of hill perched village.
These medieval built villages rise on hilltops, they usually surround castles and
are often surrounded by walls.

Left 2 - The "Bories". Some of these dwellings date from the 16th. century and
were inhabited until the 19th. Most of them have been restored. The best kept
ones which form a kind of a phantom village can be visited near Gordes.

Left 3 - The fortified citadel of Aigues Mortes, Camargue, from which St. Louis left
for the 11th. crusade.