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View over the dominating Rocher des Doms, the majestic cathedral and the Popes' Palace. City of arts and culture, Avignon hosts an Opera house, university colleges, and theatre companies. The Avignon Festival has now become a major international event.

The famous bridge of the as much famous song was built in 1177, after a young shepherd named Bénezet claimed having heard Divine voices. Obviously people at first thought he was crazy, but after he miraculously managed to lift a heavy stone, the bridge was built and the young shepherd made a saint.
In the middle stands St. Nicholas Chapel.
The bridge was partially destroyed following a flood in 1750.
Popes’ Palace
The Provincial capital of Vaucluse (from the latin "Vallis clausa", the enclosed valley), and gateway to Provence, the medieval city of Avignon stretches along the Rhône river enclosed within 3 miles of walls, 39 towers and seven gates. Its pink roofs are best appreciated at sunset from the surrounding hills, giving the visitor a dramatic
Place de la Comedie
St. Bénezet bridge
Palace of the Popes