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First abbey to be built in France in 1146 (older than
the Senaque Abbey) by the Cistercian monks order
(Benedictin ), the 
Abbey du Thoronet was abandoned
in 1789 and a modern cloister of silent nuns was built
nearby. The Abbey stands in a reclused valley, in the
middle of a Povençal wood.
Old Abbeys
Abbeys and cloisters
Abbaye du Thoronet
Founded in 1148, the Abbey of Senanque is one of the
three cistercians abbeys ofProvence.
Surrounded by a sea of lavender, the abbey is only 12
miles away from the hill perched village of Gordes.
This charming medieval village used to be linked to Avignon
by St. Bénezet bridge (the song "
Pont d'Avignon" known and sung by children world wide refers to it...).
Not to be missed: the Chartreuse du Val de Benediction founded by Pope Innocent VI in 1356, one of the most important cloisters in France.

Old Abbeys
Abbaye de Senanque
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